Why use Teachout?

What makes a good learning experience great?

We think that an inspirational learning experience is one that brings to life a part of the curriculum in a way which stays with the children for a long time, even a lifetime.

We know that planning a trip can be challenging: it is a big responsibility for any teacher to take a large group of children out of school for any length of time. We also understand your concerns about spending time and resources to plan a successful learning experience. Teachout makes it easy for you to plan a fantastic educational experience for students at any age and academic level.


Why use Teachout?

Teachout has been created with you in mind: it is a FREE one-stop resource for teachers and organisers of educational group trips in the South West. The site features a huge range of attractions, residentials and transport options, along with ideas to provide inspiration and practical guidance to help you plan your trip.

Whether you are a teacher or preschool leader; an enabler for children with SEND needs or a home educator; a scouts or guiding group, or indeed any organisation or individual who needs to book an educational group trip – Teachout can help you plan a memorable learning experience.

The South West is home to a huge range of fantastic venues and attractions, one of which could be perfect for your next educational trip. 


Educational trips and the curriculum

For most schools, it's likely that learning outside the classroom already features in their policies. It shouldn't be seen as an addition to the curriculum, but should be integral to it and a regular part of teaching and learning. Educational visits can and should be built into curriculum planning at every stage. They're an invaluable tool for anyone engaged in promoting learning outside the classroom within schools, youth projects or early years settings.