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Teachout is relied on by 1000s of teachers, home educators and groups in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. If your business offers an educational experience then make sure you're listed on Teachout.

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If you deliver your services within schools in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, make sure you are listed on Teachout. All listings are valid for a period of 12 months. If you have anything special you want to promote, or you are looking for a bespoke package, please call the Teachout team on 01626 891944.

Basic Listing

£150Per year plus VAT

With this package you will appear in teacher searches, but if you are looking for additional exposure, we recommend upgrading to standard or premium.

  • Basic Venue Details
  • Venue Description
  • Up to 2 Images
  • Location & Contact Details

Standard Listing

£250Per year plus VAT

This is our most popular package. It offers you an enhanced listing and the opportunity to appear in teachers' email inboxes twice a year.

  • Standard venue details and venue description
  • Up to 4 images
  • Occasional social media posts
  • 1 testimonial
  • 2 newsletter opportunities

Premium Listing

£350Per year plus VAT

This is for organisations who want continued exposure throughout the year. You will enjoy a targeted social media campaign, the opportunity to appear in teachers' inboxes quarterly as well as a detailed and visual listing.

  • Personalised service
  • Enhanced venue details with venue description
  • Multiple images and videos
  • Testimonial
  • Regular social media posts
  • 4 newsletter opportunities
  • Quarterly updates and feedback