GCSE results day: What is a teacher's role? Editorial by Tes

Published Wednesday 22nd, August 2018

Writing in Tes, Katie White, an English teacher from Devon, asks about the role of a teacher on GCSE results day.

"Is it to spend hours logging on to exam websites, looking for national patterns and ruthlessly reading Twitter to see what other schools’ results look like. Or is it a pastoral day? A day to – metaphorically – hold a hand, make a cup of sugary tea and say: “Not to worry, let’s look at plan B”.

The high point for me is the looks of delight on the faces of those students who worked seriously hard and then seem surprised that they actually did it; the ones who didn’t believe in themselves until the black ink on white paper told them; to the ones who had a rough ride but pulled it back together at the end. And then they cried.

'They are just kids'

However, just as important is being there to help with those tears which are borne of disappointment. It is the moment when you remember that for all the hard work and frustration and relentlessness of it all, they are just kids. Sometimes, they need us to overlook all the bad stuff and help get them back on the right path – to advise them on going through clearance; to talk about resit options; to talk to parents and carers and to console." 


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